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A grand, in-person experience to launch a new brand in the heart of Gardens by the Bay.


A coming together of leading firms McAfee Enterprise and FireEye marked the beginning of 2022 for the cybersecurity industry. It also signaled a new era for over 40,000 customers, now under an industry behemoth: Trellix. A new brand, with a new charge, and a new approach to security.

To officially launch this new brand in APAC, Trellix planned to host a grand event, titled "Genesis of Trellix" (GoT), with 300 attendees from across the entire Asia region. GoT included dinner, cocktails, and a spectacular outdoor launch video screening. As the event coincided with one of the region's top cybersecurity conferences, GovWare Conference and Exhibition 2022, scheduled to happen a day before GoT, an exhibition booth was also required, one that stood out from those of other cybersecurity companies.

The team also needed to manage the hospitality arrangements of 300 regional delegates, in addition to organising ancillary events, such as small-group roundtables and private dinners.


    End-to-End Event Management

    Providing consultancy and operational support from pre- to post-event.

    Integrated Creative & Communications Strategy

    With a custom key visual designed specifically for the event, we developed and adapted hybrid assets to drive RSVPs to the Singapore event at a regional level.

    Hospitality Management

    Negotiating and ultimately liaising with local hotels to ensure a smooth, pleasant customer experience for all regional delegates.

    Large-Scale Installation

    Creating a dynamic outdoor spectacle to showcase Trellix's launch film, and building an unconventional exhibition booth with close attention to spatial design for sales capturing.

    Web Design

    To match the grandeur of the APAC launch, we designed an experiential landing page, serving the goals of introducing a new brand, setting the tone, providing key pre- to post-event information — as well as inviting regional C-suite customers, partners and stakeholders to attend the momentous event.


    Event Management

    Hospitality Management

    Creative & Art Direction

    —  Key Visuals

    —  Custom Exhibition Booth

    —  Large-Scale Installations

    —  Online-Offline Promotional Assets

    Web Design

    —  Wireframing

    —  UI/UX Optimisation

    —  Localisation

    —  3D Graphic Design

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