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Our Services

Account Based

Aligning accounts with sales & marketing, then evaluating the marketing technology stack to implement and  execute a successful ABM programme with a strategic approach.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital & Social Marketing has become a necessity in supplementing one’s campaigns. You can count on us to run the full spectrum — anything from events to email marketing, webinars, search marketing, and the list goes on. 

Content & Creative Development

Why fit in, when you can stand out? With eye-catching, interactive designs, rest assured that your messaging will be received.

Apart from serving to represent your brand, creative elements that stimulate emotions to direct audiences toward the campaign’s

call to action.

Event Management

From offline to online, physical to virtual — innovative hybrid events to engage with your customers, partners and stakeholders.

Drive business goals, networks and conversions with the support of our regional team as global markets gradually step out of the pandemic.


Inside Sales, Business Development Representation, Inbound & Outbound Marketing


Managing projects end-to-end using our resources all across the Asia Pacific

Workflow Management
& Automation

Design and plan workflow across various stakeholders and optimise processes

Technology Stack

Existing technology stack integration and recommendations for new tools

Technology Solutions

VIDERV — Automate Video Creation at Scale with AI
Play Video
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The one-stop solution to transcribe, translate, and dub your video content in 35+ languages.

Localise your videos at scale now.

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The Conversational A.I. Technology behind VIDerv. ALEF is serving a wide range of industries today, in public facilities, hotels, and automobiles.


Apply ALEF to your product or service now.