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Your customised

cloud strategy with Cloud Connect

Dreading the hassle of shifting your business network operations to the cloud? Not sure what type of cloud connection is right for your business needs?

Just sign on with Cloud Connect!

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We make it easy:

  • By empowering you to build a cloud-first business with a network that bends to your demands.

  • By allowing you to bypass the public internet for high performance and private connection to public cloud providers.

  • By offering intelligent, scale on-demand connectivity with flexible terms.

  • By connecting you to a global network of data centres and public cloud platforms.

With Singtel's Cloud Connect, you can expect unparalleled cloud connectivity powered by robust, networking solutions that enhance infrastructures, simplifying the experience while lowering costs. With our comprehensive range of services, you will feel fully supported with Cloud Connect.

Still unsure if a cloud-first strategy is right for you?

Watch on demand now!

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